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Article: 6 Tips for the Perfect Family Staycation

6 Tips for the Perfect Family Staycation

6 Tips for the Perfect Family Staycation

At Grass & Air we try to embrace the excitement of everyday fun and want to encourage families to explore. This summer holiday why not explore the idea of a UK staycation? We want to share with you the best kid friendly holidays. Packed with great family holiday ideas and tips so keep you and the kids entertained. So we teamed up with Amy from Seatkickers to share their expert advice on making the most out of your family break!

"I'm Amy the editor of Seatkickers - a site aimed at giving practical travel advice and inspiration to parents of little kids. I live in Manchester with my husband, rescue dog and two daughters - aged seven and two. I created Seatkickers about 18 months ago on maternity leave when I couldn't find a one-stop-shop website that offered honest advice and reviews specifically for parents, so decided to start my own. As well as pooling all of my experiences (including mistakes like forgetting to take nappies on the plane) I asked lots of other mums and dads for theirs too, so now we have something for everyone, from single-parent travellers, staycation lovers and parents of kids. We're also a fab friendly community on Facebook and Instagram too. After pretty much an entire year locked in our own homes, I think it’s fair to say we’re all more desperate than ever for a break. And although I can’t stop dreaming about jetting off somewhere far away (and preferably with a kids’ club and free bar) the reality of a confusing and constantly-changing traffic light system means it’s become much simpler  – and much trendier - to stay at home and holiday in the UK.  Here’s our top tips for a successful UK family holiday:

1. Researching Your Staycation

Check out the area you’re travelling to, you want to know where to eat, where to play and the best accommodation to suit your family’s needs.

2. Prepare For All Weather

As the saying goes  ‘there’s no such thing as bad weather, just bad clothes.’ I discovered Grass and Air’s colour-reveal wellies, brollies, and lightweight raincoats last year and my kids lived in them in Cornwall. Also, check out what rainy day activities there are nearby, are there any museums, indoor trampoline parks etc.

3. Food For Your Staycation

Take your first meals with you, whether that’s the evening meal when you arrive or the first day’s breakfast. You don’t want hungry kids moaning for Cheerios ruining your holiday buzz. Check if you can order a delivery from a nearby supermarket to arrive on your first day. 

4. Make Life Easier

Find accommodation that takes the stress out, think onsite restaurants, activities for the kids, a pool, or a hot tub. It’s all out there and it will help the holiday feel special.

5. Enjoy Family Time

Yes, I know we’ve just spent a year with them, silently wishing you could go it alone, but here you don’t have anywhere to be, any home school, any routine to stick to. Switch off your phones, set your out-of-office and embrace it.

6. Laundry

There, I said it. The dirty word. But last time I was in Cornwall I did our laundry on the last day, left it out to dry while we went to the beach and packed it all up. I came home to NO LAUNDRY. SMUG! A mate of mine took it one step further on a recent camping trip and took all of hers for a service wash at a laundrette on the last day. All her washing done for her…. amazing!”

We would like to thank Seatkickers for their amazing tips on family staycations! We hope this has given you some holiday hacks and will help you have the best time on your next family holiday.

Shop our wellies and raincoats to keep your family prepared for any weather!

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