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Joyful Sustainability

Grass & Air is proud to be on an authentic sustainability journey. Think wonky wellies, takeback schemes, a strong commitment to the Ethical Trading Initiative that impacts our supply chain, and an overhaul of our raw materials to ensure our products are as recyclable as possible. We’ve always done things a little differently with Grass & Air. We want our families to understand our sustainable practices and messages, not feel hoodwinked by them. Demystifying not greenwashing is our mantra to enable our families to share in our Joyful Sustainability vision.

Recycled Fabrics

At Grass & Air we have always wanted to explore the possibilities of sustainable kids clothing while valuing the durability and quality of our products. Last year we took the plunge, we spent months researching and designing a new kids clothing range made using recycled fabrics. We successfully launched this range of waffle base layers, sweats, and onesies in Winter 2021. The clever eco-fabric is made from recycled plastic bottles that have been saved from landfill. Unlike other recycled fabrics, Grass & Air’s eco-material is soft and cosy making it perfect for kids clothing. The creation and launch of this range was a huge part of our sustainable journey, showing that eco-friendly clothing can be great for kids and the planet.

Look out for the ‘Made From Recycled Plastic Bottles’ logo while shopping our products.


Discover our circularity and sustainable businesses practices as we continue our Joyful Sustainability journey.

Design For Circularity

We’re going circular. Our one-of-a-kind beanie is unique because it has been designed with its end of life in mind and it’s our hope that one day all clothing will be made this way, our beanies are just the first for us.

The truth with all recyclable things is that they’re only recyclable if the facility knows how to recycle them. That’s why we’ve collaborated with the Circular Textiles Foundation and Project Plan B whose innovative technology recaptures cotton from a garment at the end of its life so it can be turned into another beanie or any other cotton item.

Find out how to recycle you beanie here.

Wonky Wellies

After much discussion and research we almost managed to bring our first natural rubber welly collection to market back in 2020 but on arrival, the boots simply weren’t in a condition to be sold. At the time it felt like a big blow during what was the blowiest of years. But it made us ask the question ‘what if a wonky welly could be used for good?’ Our Wonky Welly scheme launched in 2022 with the aim of channelling perfectly imperfect wellies back into circulation through donation schemes. Maybe you run a community gardening group, have a school den and lots of muddy feet or help city kids get a taste of farm life – whatever your need, we have a big pile of wonky wellies just waiting to be worn. We tested the concept with our friends at The Conker Crew by donating 10 pairs of wellies to their Swap Shop and it worked a treat! Email to enquire about wonky welly donations.

The Little Loop

When founder Charlotte approached us with her kids clothing rental marketplace concept, it’s fair to say we were ready to jump in boots first to support her. A capsule collection of Grass & Air rainwear was donated to support Charlotte’s start-up and has been listed on The Little Loop since it launched in 2020. We love how families can benefit from this hand-me-down culture, enjoying brilliant brands whilst reducing their carbon footprint and preventing ace clobber from going landfill by keeping it in circulation for longer.

If you’re interested in a wardrobe rental with Grass & Air wellies and clothing loop yourself in here.

Impact Report

Grass & Air is part of The Parently Group, a collective of independent brands based in Manchester. We benefit from a much bigger picture when it comes to sustainability thanks to our Parently heritage. These good genes have helped us to create a vision for joyful sustainability that reflects the guiding principles of our wider business. Examples of this might be the way we share the Group’s ethical trading practices throughout our supply chain or harness the experience of our awesome product development team to incorporate our new recycled fabrics into the new clothing collection. If you’d like to find out more about the factory that made your welly boots or get a better understanding of the people who power our business, it’s brilliantly explained in our first Impact Report which we would love you to read here when you finally sit down after all that outdoor play!