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Article: Grass & Air meets...Natural Baby Shower

Grass & Air meets...Natural Baby Shower

Natural Baby Shower

We love to celebrate our awesome retailers! Last week we had a chat with the Natural Baby Shower and discussed their store, products and the upcoming festival season for families. If you would like to find out the best family-friendly festival spots in the UK head over to the Natural Baby Shower blog to get more info.

  1. What do you like about Grass & Air?

Here at Natural Baby Shower we believe in the motto “if you buy well, you buy once” so we are always on the hunt for brands that make products built to last that look stylish too. Grass & Air has both of those qualities and more! We love the durability of your products and know parents will love this too. Plus the extra feature of the colour changing technology is really cool, who doesn’t love a bit of magic on a rainy day.
  1. What colour welly is the biggest hit with your costumers?

They have all been a massive hit and our customers are loving them! But I have to say I think the Navy is going to be the number 1 for us. This unisex colour means they can be worn by either gender or be used the next season by the next siblings as they grow.
  1. Tell us about “Natural Baby Shower” and what you think makes it unique?

Natural Baby Shower all started in 2007 from one Mum's passion for parenting, the environment and desire to make baby shopping simpler. Natural Baby Shower is built on it's dedication to champion all things natural and organic - we operate in the most eco-friendly way, handpick brands who work ethically and use sustainable materials and select only the safest and most stylish products for parents and babies. It is our passion for the planet that makes us unique and our commitment to bring parents only the highest quality, sustainable and safe products that makes us stand out. Natural Baby Shower is built on its dedication to make the world that little bit greener for our children to grow up in.
  1. The festival season is upon us! What top tips would you give to families venturing out on their first festival?

It has to be to take a big rucksack with you to pack in all those baby essentials you would be lost without. We would suggest investing in a rucksack style changing bag so you can pop it on your back to easily carry everything for your day ahead, plus all the different compartments and handy sections will keep everything organised. There is nothing worse than being in the middle of a festival and struggling to find those nappies in an emergency! Getting a unisex design also means Mum and Dad can share the carrying duties.
  1. Have you ever been to a festival with your kids? How different is it to when you didn’t have children?

Yes, it was so much fun but very different to the festivals we went to in our 20’s. It’s more about Peppa Pig rather than the latest chart topping band these days. I think the main thing is to just go with the flow, you may miss your favourite band because you can’t tear your children away from the face paint tent, but that’s ok! It’s all about making memories together and having fun doing it as a family. Instead of planning your day based around the music schedule, you just have to work around your children’s schedule and for me that was the main difference.

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