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Article: Grass & Air’s Christmas Great Outdoor Gift Guides

Grass & Air’s Christmas Great Outdoor Gift Guides

Step into a world of adventure and excitement with our Grass & Airs Christmas Outdoor Gift Guide! Over the last month, we've curated a selection of the coolest, most entertaining accessories and activities to ignite your child's sense of exploration. With four fun and cosy categories, discover the perfect gifts that will turn any outdoor escapade into an unforgettable experience for your little adventurers.

Wild Thing

This gift guide is for your wild ones. The kids who love to run around and make the most of what the outdoors has to offer.

Khaki Green Colour-Changing Wellies

Our colour-changing wellies fit perfectly for outdoor play, but nothing better represents the wild outdoors than the colour, Khaki Green. New to Grass & Air this year, Khaki Green gives us the dreamy combination of moss and sage for truly natural elements. Our wellies are also super fun for your children because with just a drop of water, our white cloud print will change to multi-coloured, how cool? It’s a fun accessory that will encourage your wild things to get out and play! Shop from £24.

Little Hot Dog Watson – Winter Moose Hat

Our friends at Little Hot Dog Watson always bring the coolest accessories and there’s nothing more fitting than their Winter Hat! Full of funky patterns, there are so many cool designs and colours. Each hat is also lined with faux fur in a variety of vibrant colours that we just can’t get enough of. We chose their Moose Hat as our pick, a favourite amongst their customers. We think this is perfect for your wild things as it’s sure to keep your little ones ears warm all day long. The animal print is also a great representation of all the wild things you could find outdoors. You can pick up the hat here.

Navy Stomper Suit

There’s no fun in being outdoors as a kid if you can’t get all muddy, right? Even so, you don’t want your child messing up their clothes, especially if they’re out for some festive activities. It’s time to shop for a stomper suit. Our stomper suits come in 3 colours (Rose & Khaki will be back super soon!) but our Navy is a classic. In a new sleek design, these are great for keeping your child protected while they make the most of their outdoor play. Just £33.

Mulberry Bush – Flower Press

Out in the wild, there is so much to find, and that includes the prettiest of flowers. Even in winter, there is so much growing around us. If your child is a particular fan of flowers or even collecting things, this flower press will be so much fun for them. It’s super affordable at just £7.99 and it could keep them busy for ages. Pick some pretty flowers with your little ones and use them in the flower press. They could then be used towards crafts or just kept as little souvenirs from a great Christmas adventure. Too cute!

Busy Bee Explorer

For your little busy bees who love wildlife as much as us, this gift guide is all about looking after them and being ready to venture out. Who knows what your kids will spot!

Kabloom – Bee Bom Pollinator

If your little ones are a fan of insects and wildlife, they why not help keep them around through a fun gardening activity? Kabloom’s Bee Bom is a pollinator. It’s full of seeds for your kids to spread and watch grow! They get to care for their plants while hopefully spotting a few buzzy bees themselves. If your child is a gardening fan, this is a great activity for the outdoors and especially great for the upcoming spring! Shop here for just £4.50.

Bee Umbrella

Bees are such a huge part of our environment but they have a special meaning to us too. As a Manchester brand born and bred, we created our Bee umbrella to represent the place we love. If your child loves bees as much as we do, then this umbrella is ideal for them. It’s made especially for little hands and an essential for the unpredictable winter weather. It’s also just £4.20!

Navy Wellies & Welly Socks

Our navy wellies are a Grass & Air staple and nothing goes better with our cosy wellies than a pair of fleece welly socks! Our navy wellies also go together with lots of our products for the cutest outfits. These wellies have a fleece lining to keep your children’s feet warm as well as our infamous colour-changing technology. To keep your children extra warm, our matching thick socks are a must. The navy pair go perfectly with any of our wellies but especially our navy and yellow pair. Shop the wellies for £15 and shop the welly socks for just £10, you’ll wonder how you ever managed without them!

Campfire S’mores

Maybe the best thing about winter is all the christmassy treats you can look forward to. This gift guide is all about keeping your children warm outdoors (with a tasty twist). Think of sitting around a cosy campfire, with a sweet treat and being wrapped up in the comfiest winter wear.

One Mama One Shed – Personalised Enamel Mug

One Mama One Shed is a gorgeous independent brand that has lots of sustainable products! Many of these are made especially for getting outdoors and they offer the fun detail of personalization to make the gifts extra special. Our favourite was their personalized Enamel Mug. Not only is it eco-friendly, but it’s perfect for the outdoors. Who doesn’t want their little hands on a hot chocolate, right? Your kids will love having a mug of their own, especially if they’re out in the snow. Shop for £17.

Stone Wellies & Umbrella

We couldn’t write a cosy gift guide without the favourite. Our stone colour-changing wellies are a must for the cosy season. They make us think of soft blankets and thick layers of snow (which they are perfect for walking in!). Shop them as soon as their back in January! And when you’re outdoors, it’s always great to have an umbrella on hand. Our stone umbrella has a cloud print that changes colour in water like our wellies, how cool? Shop it here.

Stone Beanie

If you’re one for a matching set then our stone beanie is the cherry on top. New to Grass & Air, our beanie hats are bringing the ultimate comfort. Made from 100% cotton, they are super soft and we wanted to make sure your kids feel ready to brave the winter cold. Our beanie has been made in a simple and classic design to match any festive outfit no matter the occasion. Pick one up for just £10.

Woodland Kitchen

Looking for something to keep your child busy outdoors? Try a mud kitchen! It’s all about your child using things from nature to cook up a ‘mixture’. Kids love to play pretend and with this gift guide, we are letting their imaginations soar. As well as keeping them warm and clean while they do so!

Mud Kitchen Recipe Cards

While your kids are the masters at creativity, we have just the thing to help. If your little one needs some inspiration, these recipe cards are great. All of the cards come with a selection of nature ‘ingredients’ that they can find on walks or in the comfort of their own garden. If your child loves collecting they will have a great time hunting for items on their list. Then they can cook up a storm with what they find. With creative names like ‘spider cakes’ and ‘frozen fairy fancies’ these cards are sure to make them laugh! This gift is just £6.99, available on Etsy.

Rose Beanie

We think our rose accessories are a fabulous match for this gift guide as they remind us of rosy cheeks in the warm and the cold! When your child is outside in winter, the weather is always chilly but we are all about keeping the cold away. Our new beanies are made from 100% cotton so they will keep your children toasty. They can be worn with our matching rainwear or by themselves as a cute accessory to any outfit! Shop for just £10.

Rose Stomper Suit & Wellies

Our rose wellies have been popular for a long time and they never get old! These are part of our colour-changing range to add a little magic to your childs play. And an alternative to our navy stomper, this stomper suit in rose is all pretty in pink but ready to be muddied up! When your children are making a mess with their ‘creative’ recipes, you’re going to need something to keep them clean. Our stomper suits are as great for playing in mud as they are for keeping your children dry on the wettest of days. Our classic Rose wellies will be back in January and our stomper suits in February so keep your eyes peeled to get your hands on them!

We hope you have enjoyed this gift guide for your little explorers. Whatever they get up to this Christmas, we hope it is filled with lots of fun and laughter. To see future gift guides, giveaways and more, follow us on Instagram at @grassandair.

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