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Article: We're #OptingOut this Black Friday

We're #OptingOut this Black Friday

Slowly but surely "Black Friday" has turned into "Black Week" with discounted prices across many stores for up to one week before the event itself. The concept we find a little crazy. The American tradition has seen shoppers battling with one another for the best discounts just one day after thanksgiving, a day where they give thanks for what they have. Over the years the annual event has grown and travelled overseas to here in the UK, where its popularity continues to blossom.

This year, we're joining the ever-growing list of companies who have decided to #OptOut of the crazy Black Friday madness and are instead choosing to #OptOutside. Instead of battling the queues or scrolling through endless website pages to find the best deal, why don’t you spend time with your family? Go for a walk, run in the mud, stomp in puddles… anything but stare at your mobile or desktop screen or fighting endless queues of determined, angry shoppers.

Here are 5 family activities that you can do in the great outdoors instead:

  1. Collect autumn leaves. Turn it into a competition to see who can collect the most different shaped leaves. Take them home and use them to get creative. Draw around them, make a collage with them or put a piece of paper on top of a leaf and colour over it with crayon to reveal it’s intricate patterns.
  2. Volunteer. There are many ways that families can help out in the local community. Help councils to tidy up parks and make them look pretty by weeding or planting some new flowers. Visit the elderly at a retirement home or volunteer to help out at an animal shelter.
  3. Plan a treasure hunt. Hide items around the garden and leave clues or draw a map to lead the kids to the treasure.
  4. Head to the beach. Collect pebbles, shells, sticks and anything else you can find. Create huge pictures, collages and patterns on the sand using things you’ve found. Take a camera with you to capture the creations so the kids can have a keepsake.
  5. Go “garden camping”. Help the kids set up a tent in the back garden. Turn it into an extra cosy hideout using pillows, duvets and fairy lights. Make some snacks and do group activities such as star-gazing or playing cards before trying to get some sleep.
With that said, we do still like it when people buy our stuff, so why not take a look at our trendy kids rainwear and kids wellies? We’re sure that they will keep the kids dry and protected as you choose to #OptOutside.

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