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Article: Our Water-Activated Colour Changing Technology

Our Water-Activated Colour Changing Technology

Since launching in 2017 our customers always ask about our water-activated colour changing products. We thought it was about time we revealed a little bit more of the magic. From concept to creation our goal has always been to innovate through design. We create products that explore new approaches to children’s outerwear. Created for families who love outdoor adventures whatever the weather. Our industry leading water-activated technology is loved by parents and kids alike. Providing fun and unique experiences on rainy days. Although the clues in the name, it’s not always obvious how it works. This clever water-activated technology changes colour when it gets wet. The raindrop prints on our wellies and umbrellas feature this technology. The pattern changes from white to multi-coloured when water hits the fabric. Once dry the raindrops change back to white ready for the magic to start again. Our water-activated ranges were designed in-house by Grass & Air’s product development team. Designed with fun in mind so the print gets wet, but your little ones keep dry. The development of the print means splashing in puddles and running in the rain never gets old. Exploring new ways of adventure, allowing kids to see the magic on a rainy day.

The Technology in Action

colour changing wellies

Colour changing technology is a real showstopper and an endless source of fun. While kids splash in the rain, watch them marvel as the multi-coloured pattern transforms before their eyes. Watch the technology in action:

Water-Activated Ranges

We have plenty of products for you to choose from in our water-activated ranges. Including some of the best-sellers from our Core and Babies collections.


Shop The Babies Collection: Baby Blue | Baby Pink | Grey

Shop Core Collection: Navy | Yellow


Shop Kids Umbrellas: Navy | Coral | Yellow | Baby Blue | Baby Pink

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