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Article: The Ultimate Guide to Buying Kid's Rainwear

The Ultimate Guide to Buying Kid's Rainwear

What rainwear should I buy for my child?

If you search for “kids rainwear” or “children’s raincoat” in a search engine, you are bombarded with pages upon pages of search results, all offering different colours, technology and styles of children's waterproof clothing, but which should you buy? Showerproof? Waterproof? Water resistant? Breathable? Wind proof? Taped seams? Polyurethane fabric? The options can often be a mind-boggling list. You have to choose from all the above whilst also thinking about your child’s age and the requirements of their new rainwear. Don't despair. We’ve written the ultimate rainwear guide on how to choose the right waterproof clothing for your child. We'll help you understand the basics of rainwear technology jargon and how to make the best decision to help them get out and stomp about, whatever the weather.

How waterproof does my child's rainwear need to be?

The difference between waterproof and water resistant


waterproof technical symbol

A piece of rainwear that is waterproof, such as a jacket or trousers, means that the fabric will keep out rainfall and stop the wearer getting wet. To be classed as fully waterproof, the garment has to have taped or welded seams to ensure that no water can pass through. The amount of rainfall that a waterproof garment can keep out depends on its waterproof rating, which is measured in millimetres (mm). All of our kids rainwear garments are fully waterproof with taped seams.

Water resistant

Water resistant means that the fabric can resist the penetration of rainfall. However, a water resistant garment won’t be as effective as a waterproof garment with taped seams. Usually, water resistant garments have had a water resistant coating added to the fabric and can therefore, withstand light rain showers.

Waterproof rating

How much rain your garment can withstand depends on its waterproof rating. The waterproof rating (or column pressure rating) is measured in millimetres. A test is carried out to determine how much water the fabric can withstand before it starts to penetrate the garment. If a rainwear jacket, for example, has a waterproof rating of 2000mm, this means it can hold back a column of 2 metres of water before it starts to seep through the fabric. The higher the value, the more water or rainfall the garment can endure before it no longer becomes effective in keeping the wearer dry. For casual use in the city, weekend walks or wearing to school as an outer layer for protection against the rain, your rainwear will not need more than a 5,000mm waterproof/column pressure rating. All of our kids waterproof clothing has a 5,000mm waterproof rating, meaning it can withstand 5 metres of rainfall.

Do I need my child's garment to be breathable?

kids rainwear guide: breathable technical symbol

For those who are looking for a garment to keep them dry whilst engaging in exercise or high intensity activities, they would require a breathable garment. Garments with high breathability are designed to let sweat evaporate out through the fabric to lead it away from the skin to ensure that they keep warm too. The more a wearer sweats, the more a highly breathable garment will benefit them.

Our kids rainwear allows children to get outside and enjoy the outdoors, whether that be to play in the park or go on a long walk with the family pet. Our infant nylon Rain Cheater has been designed with an adequate breathability level to be able to withstand the more hyperactive, general activity of young children. However, our older girls and older boys rainwear has been designed with a low/no breathability rating as they are not intended for high intensity use.

A high breathability rating on our junior garments would mean that warmth would be let out through the fabric, causing children to be cold when they out and about exploring the outdoors. So, next time you are shopping for a waterproof jacket, trousers or even wellies for your little one, remember that our Grass & Air rainwear is made from highly durable fabric with a 5,000mm waterproof rating to keep them dry in even the wettest of downpours. Not only will our children's waterproofs keep them protected, but our innovative injections of fun, such as colour-changing and reflective patterns means that they will love them too.

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