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Article: Best things to do in Autumn

Best things to do in Autumn

Things to do in Autumn

Once we have accepted that the Summer is over its time to look forward to the colder but cosy months ahead. Don’t worry! Read on to learn all the fun things to do in Autumn and still enjoy the outdoors whilst the temperature is still dropping, and who knows even you parents might have fun.

Collect and play in leaves

There is nothing more satisfying than stepping on an autumnal crunchy leaf. We have thought of one clever way to get your kids to do the housework, without them even noticing…. I know it's almost magic. Get a big basket or litter bag and tell your kids to gather leaves as fast as they can, to get it in to the ‘target’ (the bin bag). If you have one child it might be worth setting a timer. If you have two, a little competition never hurt anybody! Get them to race each other.

Forest Art

The most spectacular thing about Autumn is the amazing colours it brings about. Get your creative heads going and make art with the nature around you. Go and scavenge for your art supplies: Acorns, leaves, conkers and branches should do the trick. See some examples below!

Bonfire Fun

As it starts to become darker earlier it gets more challenging to think of things to do in Autumn. The night time hours creates the perfect time to build a bonfire in your garden. Get the family around to sing songs, drink hot chocolate and toast some marshmallows. (Make sure to follow some simple 'bonfire making' safety tips, which can easily be found online)

Build a Den

Building a den in your childhood was one of the most imaginative games to play with your friends and family. Strap on your wellies, zip up your raincoats and head into your local park or woodland area. Grab fallen branches and leaves to build your own secret den with your young ones.
We hope this helps you with your Autumnal activity! Make sure to shop Grass & Air to prepare your little ones for the rainy weather ahead.

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