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Article: Baby's First Winter

Baby's First Winter

Baby’s First Winter

Your baby's first winter can be a scary time for parents. The combination of horrible windchills and germ-infested colds, is every excuse to keep your new-born at home. However, being outdoors can help your little infant to acclimatize to the seasons and aid in their day-and-night cycle. So, to stop you from going stir-crazy at home, we have teamed up with some experienced parents to tell us how they got through baby’s first winter.

Layer them up!

"I’m all about layers, mainly because if we don’t leave the house wearing the items I’m likely to forget to bring them. And one Little rule I have is you can take layers off if you need to, but can’t add them if you don’t have them!" - Becky, MotherlikenoOther A good rule to go by is dress your baby as you are dressed, plus one layer. Make sure you choose breathable fabrics like cotton, this is so that you can easily take the clothes on or off. Our Stomper Suits adds a practical layer that you can put on and take off without hassle. Keep in mind that cover shields for strollers helps protect baby from the winter elements, but also holds heat in as well. "We always found that layering is the best option rather than a big chunky coat. So a vest, tee, jumper, lighter coat. Plus it's easier to carry them around or get them into their seats and pushchairs. Also a double layer of socks inside the wellies makes it much more comfortable (and cosy) when jumping in those puddles!" - Tom, The Unlikley Dad

Dry Skin

Avoid bathing your baby everyday, 2- 3 days should be enough to dodge dehydrating baby’s skin. Make sure the water temperature isn’t too hot as this can strip skin of moisture. Once your infant is squeaky clean put their clothes on immediately. A good moisturizer should be applied as soon as baby is out of the bath. If their skin is too dry, don’t be afraid to apply it 2-3 times a day.

Avoid Crowded Areas

Less contact with people means less exposure to germs. We shouldn’t keep our children away from everything, as it certainly can build up their immune systems. However, infant immune systems are not as well developed as us full sized humans. Try and go to places in off-peak hours!

Check Temperature

Touch baby's tummy to feel if they are too hot or too cold. If their tummy is cold you should add some layers. You should avoid using fingers and toes as an indication as infants circulation is not as great as adults are and so they may feel much colder in these parts of the body.

**Although we are experts on children’s coats and wellies, we are not health professionals, therefore if you are worried about your baby or children at all this winter please speak to your Doctor.**

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