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Article: Fall Activities with Kids: Creating an Autumn Garden for Harvest

Fall Activities with Kids: Creating an Autumn Garden for Harvest

There's something magical about the transition from summer to fall. It's a season of vibrant colours, cosy sweaters, and, of course, the bountiful harvest. What better way to embrace the spirit of harvest than by creating an autumn garden with your children? While you might be used to pumpkin picking, you can pick your own vegetables at home and have just as much fun! It's a hands-on, educational, and rewarding experience that will bring delicious results and connect your children to nature. In this blog post, we'll guide you through the steps of creating a fall garden with children, ensuring a season filled with planting fun!

Step 1: Choose Your Fall Vegetables

The first step in creating an autumn vegetable garden is selecting the right crops. When looking for vegetables to plant in autumn you will need cool-season veg that can grow in chilly temperatures. Here are some excellent options to consider: Broccoli: Your kids will love the idea of growing their own "mini trees." Broccoli is not only nutritious but also relatively easy to grow. Carrots: A classic must-have! These root vegetables are fun for kids to pull out of the ground, and there's nothing like the taste of carrots. Radishes: Radishes grow super quick and can be harvested within just a few weeks! They're a great choice for any impatient little gardeners. Spinach: Packed with vitamins and minerals, spinach is an excellent choice for autumn salads and yummy smoothies. Kale: This hardy green can withstand frost and is full of nutritional value.

Step 2: Prepare the Garden Bed

Once you've decided on your autumn vegetables, it's time to prepare the garden bed. Make this a family activity by involving your children. To make the experience even better, you can pick up a children's gardening set for your little ones to have fun with. Here's what you'll need to do: Clear the area: Remove any weeds, rocks, or debris from the garden bed. Amend the soil: Add compost to enrich the soil and improve the bed’s drainage. Create rows: Use a hoe or rake to create rows for planting, leaving enough space between them for the crops of your choice! Mark the rows: Your children can use popsicle sticks to mark the rows with the names of the crops you'll be planting. It’ll help you organise and it’ll make the bed look nice.

Step 3: Planting Fun for Kids

Planting is where the real fun begins, especially for children. Here's how to make it an enjoyable and educational experience: Involve the kids: While this is a great family activity, you should let your children take the lead! Show them how deep each seed should go and then have them do the planting themselves. Teach them about spacing: Explain the importance of giving each plant enough room to grow. This is a valuable lesson in gardening! Watering routine: Create a watering routine for your children to be involved in and show them how to water consistently. This gives them some responsibility and a sense of caring for the garden. Monitor growth: Encourage your little ones to keep an eye on the vegetable’s growth. Regularly checking the plants can be an exciting adventure as they watch their garden come to life.

Step 4: Pick Your Own Vegetables

As the days grow cooler, your autumn vegetable garden will flourish. Getting to pick your own vegetables is an incredibly satisfying experience for children as it shows all of their hard work. Make sure to involve them in the harvesting process: Teach them when to harvest: Show your children how to determine when crops are ready to be picked. This can be based on size, colour, or maturity. Harvest together: Get your kids involved in harvesting, and make it a fun family activity. Let them use their own childrens garden tools if available (and kit them in a pair of wellies to keep them clean!). Enjoy the harvest: Once you've harvested your autumn vegetables, celebrate by making a meal together! Whether it's a garden-fresh salad or a hearty soup, it’ll be a delicious reward.

Creating an autumn garden with children is one of many family activities that will teach them valuable life skills. It's a hands-on educational experience that could create a great love of gardening for your child. So, grab your children’s wellies, pull on their puddlesuits, and get ready for some planting fun with your kids. Happy gardening!

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