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Article: Fall Fun: How to Plan an Autumn Picnic with Kids

Fall Fun: How to Plan an Autumn Picnic with Kids

It’s officially the 1st day of Autumn! As the leaves begin to change colour and the air turns crisp, there's no better way to celebrate autumn than with a picnic in the great outdoors. Gather your little ones and make the most of this cosy season. If you’re looking for a fun outdoor activity as a family, this is perfect. We’re going to give you some autumn picnic ideas, from selecting the perfect location to packing delicious treats and planning family activities.

Choose the Perfect Location:

One of the most important steps to a great autumn picnic is selecting the right location. Here are some ideas to consider: Local Parks: Look for a nearby park or nature reserve with picnic tables, open spaces, and beautiful views. A table will make plans much easier for those weather-dependent days! You can also check if there are any designated picnic areas that you can reserve. Orchards or Pumpkin Patches: Is there anything more autumnal than apple picking and pumpkin patches? We don’t think so! These locations often offer picnic areas, making it a perfect choice for a fall-themed picnic. They can also make for an affordable family day out. Your Own Garden: You don’t have to go anywhere fancy for a good picnic! You could always have a picnic in your backyard surrounded by the fall colours of your own trees and plants. It’s an easy and low-cost option, especially great for those free days during the October half-term holidays.

Plan a Kid-Friendly Menu:

Autumn is a season filled with delicious flavours, so take advantage of it by planning fun food that kids will love. Some ideas include: Sandwiches: You can’t have a picnic without sandwiches! Create a variety of sandwiches with different fillings like cheese, jam or something more creative. Seasonal Snacks: There’s so much fun to be had on an autumnal picnic. Pack snacks like apple slices (maybe with caramel dip) or a mix of colourful fall fruits to stay on theme. Warm Drinks: Bring along a flask of hot chocolate or juice for everyone to enjoy. It’ll be even more appreciated when those little fingers get cold. Sweets: Bake some autumn-themed treats like pumpkin muffins, apple pie, or cinnamon sugar cookies. Don’t those just sound scrumptious?

Plan the perfect outfit

It’s definitely getting colder and to make sure your children have the best time, it’s important they wrap up. Our waffles are great extra layers that can go under your children’s clothes to keep them nice and warm. They’re available from just £4! We also have our new puddlesuits and matching wellies for when the weather takes a turn. And if you’re worried about their heads getting cold? Keep an eye out for our new beanies, coming super soon. We can’t wait for you to see them!

Plan Fun Activities:

Engage the kids with autumn activities that capture the spirit of the season. There are plenty of easy autumn crafts and ideas your child can do: Autumn Scavenger Hunt: Create a list of fall-themed items for the kids to find like leaves and pinecones. For more inspiration, we have a post all about putting together your own hunt! Read it here. Pumpkin Decorating: Bring along some small pumpkins and decorating supplies like paint, markers, and stickers. It’s even more fun to get messy and creative outdoors and they’ll make the best decorations when Halloween rolls around! Storytelling: Gather the kids for a cosy storytelling session with tales about autumn adventures or friendly ghosts and goblins. Nothing too scary… Autumn Leaf Art: Leaves are great for getting crafty as there are so many things they can make! They can use paint to do some printing, make some autumn decorations out of them or create a pretty picture.

Gather The Essentials:

Don't forget to add these necessary supplies to your checklist: Picnic Blanket: A comfortable, waterproof picnic blanket is essential for picnics. After all, no one wants to sit on damp ground. Utensils, Plates, Cups and Napkins: Ensure you have enough reusable utensils, napkins, and wet wipes for an easy clean-up. And don’t forget your plates! It’s always best to bring reusable options if you can as this will reduce your waste. Cooler: If your chosen food needs it, a cooler is a good addition to keep them fresh Picnic Basket or Tote: A sturdy picnic basket is the dream but if you don’t have one, a sizeable tote is great to carry your food and drinks.

Check the weather:

While we are all about the rain at Grass & Air, it’s not the best for an outdoor picnic. In the UK, our weather can be pretty unpredictable, so make sure to check the weather before and on the day of your plans.

Lastly, make sure to embrace the beauty of the season. Capture the moments with photos of your kids playing in the leaves or savouring their season-inspired snacks. Your little ones could also take home some souvenirs like acorns or colourful leaves. An autumn picnic with kids can be an adventure full of cherished memories. With the right outfits, essential supplies, and engaging activities, you can plan a delightful picnic that will be a highlight for your family. So, pack your picnic basket, grab your wellies, and head outdoors to enjoy the wonders of autumn with your loved ones. Happy picnicking!

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