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Article: The Best Family Picnic Ideas and Essentials

The Best Family Picnic Ideas and Essentials

The Best Family Picnic Ideas and Essentials

There is nothing more wholesome than a family picnic to bring everyone together. In fact when leaving the house with kids, it is always advised to pack snacks and spare sandwiches. But with the sun making its way to the UK and many staying closer to home this summer, a picnic in the park is a quick win for keeping the kids entertained. In this guide we go over all the picnic essentials, from the best picnic spots to the ultimate picnic snacks, we have got you covered! We like simple, fun, and easy outdoor adventures that all the family can join in on. Find inspiration from our picnic ideas and essentials for all the family. Discover new and exciting ways to transform your picnic with this handy guide.

Picnic Locations

First thing to plan out is finding the ideal picnic spot. We have some great suggestions.

Picnics in the park

A summer picnic in the park is the most quintessentially British past time. A great location to get away from the commotion of urban life, normally without having to travel too far. We love enjoying a hot drink in the park while the kids play, there’s a certain satisfaction that comes from taking a flask of tea and a packet of biscuits in your backpack. Not all picnics need to be fancy. Sometimes the simple ideas are the most memorable.

Top tip: A park is the perfect place for outdoor games!

Beach picnics

Beach picnics are an amazing way to make the most of being near the seaside. Kids will work up the appetite running through the sand and chasing waves all day. Beat the crowds and pack a breakfast picnic to enjoy on the beach. Warm pastries before you leave the house and if you have time, why not cook up some bacon sarnies? Voila! The humble picnic is reborn.

Outdoor picnics

Not everything needs to have rhyme or reason. Get outside and have a little walking tour of your own area. Pack a picnic and find a cute spot or bench to enjoy with your family. You might take your picnic to the front doorstep and watch the world go by as you munch on snacks.

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Garden picnics

A garden picnic is the easiest way to get your family outside! Don’t think too much about it and look into your cupboard to find your kids favourite picnic foods. Fishfinger wraps are a fab backyard treat and make the mundane feel marvellous. While the kids are outside, you could forage for flowers and leaves to make a wild pizza. Simple lay out your bits on a flat surface like a stone or tree stump and let their inner chef create.

Birthday Picnics & Picnic Parties

Turn a simple picnic into a celebration! Organising birthday parties can be difficult and take up a lot of time. Having a picnic party is quick, easy and does not take too much thought. An outdoor picnic allows for plenty of space so your kids can occupy themselves with fun outdoor games!

Picnic Essentials

Be prepared for any picnic with this handy list of picnic essentials. Creating a perfect picnic doesn’t need to hard work so we’re sharing some simple ideas that the whole family can enjoy.

What to pack on a picnic

Wherever you choose to have a picnic, use this list of picnic essentials to help you pack.
  • A Picnic Basket, Cooler, or Backpack
  • Picnic Blanket
  • Plates, Glasses, Utensils, and Napkins
  • Bin Bags
  • Kitchen Roll or wipes

Snacks for Picnics  

A picnic wouldn’t be complete without food of course. Here are four of the best picnic foods the kids will love.
  • Sandwiches – a classic
  • Finger food – mini anything!
  • Plenty of dips
  • Strawberries & cream (an absolute must)

Picnic Games

Turn your picnic into a mini game tournament with lots of picnic games you can get the whole family involved in. Here are a few of our favourite games to play at a picnic
  • Three-legged race
  • Tag
  • Scavenger hunt
  • Build a hedgehog house
  • Football

Picnics are simple and easy ways to have quality time with your children. Preparing picnic food and all the must haves can sometimes feel haphazard. However, we hope this blog covering all the picnic essentials, food and activities gives you confidence on your next picnic adventure. If you’re going outdoor for a family picnic, be sure to pack the essentials and prepare for the British weather with our kids’ wellies and rainwear. 

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