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Article: 6 Great Ideas for Playing Outside

6 Great Ideas for Playing Outside

At Grass & Air, we believe playing outside is a huge part of growing up for children. That's why this year we are celebrating Play Day on August 4th to encourage families across the UK to play out during their summer activities.

"Playday is the annual national day for play in the UK, coordinated by Play England, Play Wales, Play Scotland and PlayBoard Northern Ireland. The 2021 theme, Summer of Play, recognises the challenges children and young people have faced over the past year and the need to enjoy time for play with their friends, having fun. Families and carers are being encouraged to celebrate children’s right to play in their local communities. " -

For many homes in the UK, playing in our local streets is the most convenient and easiest way to get our children involved in outdoor play. To honour the Summer of Play, here are 6 great ideas to get children and families playing outside in their local area this summer.

@raisinggiffins wearing our Kids Colour Revealing Wellies

1. Shadow Tag

In this alternate version of tag your kids will have a blast trying to capture each others shadow with their feet. Ideally played on a sunnier day and requires no equipment, it's a great game for the summer holidays.

2. Chalk Drawing

Get creative with chalk! Let your children bring their artistic side to the surface and make some masterpieces on your pavement. This style of outdoor play will help with their creative development as well as getting some fresh air.

3. Red Light! Green Light!

You might need a little more room for this one and the parents can get involved too. One person is the designated "Stoplight", whilst the rest of the players stand behind them. The stoplight calls out "green light!" that tells the players to begin moving toward them. Then the stoplight yells, "red light!" and turns around. If any player is caught moving when the stoplight turns around, that player is out.
@what_Olivia_Wore wearing our Kids Colour Revealing Wellies

4. Freeze Tag

Have a couple of children be the taggers. The kids who are tagging will try to tag the other players. Any player who is tagged will freeze. They can only be unfrozen and run again if another player who has not yet been tagged yet touches them.

5. Football

A playground classic that only requires a ball to kick around! If you have enough people you can make teams, if not simply kicking the ball around is enough fun.

6. Simon Says

Another timeless game! One person is nominated to give instructions to the rest on what movements to make, but only if the leader says "Simon Says" before the action. If they don't hear "Simon Says" and do the action, then that player is out. Playing out is essential for children's health and wellbeing. It allows children to appreciate nature, the environment, and feel part of their community. An empty street for outdoor play allows children to use their imagination and is the most natural way for children to get the exercise they need to be healthy.

Whatever outdoor play you get up to with your children be prepared with our kids wellies and raincoats. Follow us on Instagram and Facebook to tag us in your outdoor adventures featuring our products. To find out more about Grass & Air, get in touch with one of our friendly team members today.

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