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Article: Rainy Day Games with We are Adventurers

Rainy Day Games with We are Adventurers

Rainy Day Games

We Are Adventurers was founded by Forest School practitioner and former British soldier, Paul Wilcox and his wife, Jennifer. They have two children Eamon and Orlaith and live in Chorlton, Manchester.

Paul explains: "When the rain's pouring it's time to tog up and get outside with your little ones to stomp in puddles and see the city from an entirely different perspective."

Look out for reflections in puddles on the way to the park. Talk to your child about how different the ground feels underneath (don't be afraid to go bare foot if you dare). Instead of sheltering from the rain, turn your head skywards and taste the rain drops.
Being outdoors in bad weather helps children to develop an understanding of risk. They learn how their familiar world changes when the weather is wet. Your kids can stay protected and stay dry with our Light Catcher Rain Macs. Being outside builds confidence and develops personal resilience for children and grown ups alike.
Games we love to play when it rains ....
1) Make your own mud monster! Use a handful of mud stick it to a tree. Then use items you can find on the ground to make a scary monster face - make sure to leave it to frighten others.
2) Worm charming - stamp your feet on wet grass to see if you can get worms to come to the surface
3) Measure the rain - how much rain will fall in a minute, an hour, a day? For older children use an old plastic bottle and mark on a scale. Keep a log over time to determine if the rain is getting heavier or lighter
4) Take bath toys out and float in puddles

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