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Article: 10 Things To Do For Kids This May Half Term

10 Things To Do For Kids This May Half Term

May half term has arrived! Your kids have officially got a week (or even two) of free time and that means some holiday fun is on the cards. But the question is, what do you do? When you’ve been to so many places with the kids, you can start to run out of half term activity ideas, but we are here to help. If you’re looking for things to do in half term we have 10 fun activities just for you!

1. Park Trails

Man and child walking through a park Taking your child to a park during half term already sounds like a great time (because we all know children like to run) but did you know many have trails that you can do too? Parks are always creating new activities to help your children enjoy the outdoors so this could be a fabulous opportunity to do just that. Check out the trails local to you but also keep eye out for any events that might be taking place as half term is the perfect time. There are even a couple Gruffalo trails that your kids might really love in places such as Northwhich and Brentwood. They’re easy, free and if you’ve got a dog, often they can come along too.

2. Art Gallery

You may have been to a museum before with your children but why not try an art gallery? Visiting an art gallery is a fun and usually free activity to do with your kids. It takes up a few hours of your day gives your children the opportunity to learn something new. And they don’t all have to be boring either! Art museums such as the Manchester Art gallery have art activities for kids to try out and the National Gallery in London is holding art events for kids during half term so that they can get creative themselves. There are so many school holiday activities around so check out your nearest gallery to see what’s on offer.

3. Water Park

child on waterslide at waterpark It might not be hot this half term (we hope it is) but that doesn’t mean you can’t venture to a water park. Across the UK you’ll find inside and outside water parks that are perfect for your children to enjoy. With huge slides, lazy rivers and wave machines, it’ll be one step up from your usual leisure centre swim. Prices are varied but you usually get an hour or two slot to enjoy. Some notable locations include the water park at Alton Towers in Stoke or even Splashdown Quaywest in Devon. Whichever waterpark you choose, it’ll be an experience your little ones won’t forget.

4. Laser Tag

If your child has a competitive streak, then this is one way to bring it out. Laser Tag is fantastic and if you haven’t played before, you’re definitely missing out. This is one idea where even the adults can get involved so it’s perfect for family activities! You usually get put on a team with other people so it’s great for your child to socialise with others and get those team building skills. It also means that if any of your child’s friends are free during half term, they could play together too! Laser Tag is usually cheap depending on where you go. Make sure to look online for your nearest one. Good luck!

5. Aquarium

two children looking at creatures in a fishtank at an aquarium. What about swimming with the fishies? Okay, maybe not swimming but you can go and visit them in so many places across the country. Aquariums are always a great experience from sting rays to sea horses and jellyfish, there’s plenty of exotic sea creatures to see. You might even find nemo! Lots of aquariums will also do shows you can watch where experienced divers really do swim with the fish. And not to forget the best of all, you can walk through a shark tunnel and see the ginormous creatures at their best. They can be pricey but definitely worth it and you even have the opportunity to pick up a gift in the gift shop.

6. Playground

There’s no easier place to give your kids enjoyment like a good old fashioned playground. A slide, swings, what more could you want? They’re the best place to give your little ones a run around and there’s almost definitely one near you! Its safe to say this is a free option so it won’t burn a hole in your pocket, and if it’s close enough, you could go as many times as you like. It’s also worth checking out for playgrounds a little further away that might offer something bigger and better than your local one. A choice that works every time!

7. Farm

Child in costume amongst lambs at a farm. @liddie.rowl - Instagram
There is nothing cuter than seeing your children interact with adorable animals, so of course, visiting a farm is a great half term activity. And when so many offer opportunities like feeding lambs or holding rabbits, it’s bound to be a jam-packed day. Not to forget that some farms have play centres or parks on their grounds in case you run out of things to do. There will usually be a great place to grab lunch and even a gift shop to remind you of the great day you’ve had. Who doesn’t like a little souvenir? Prices can be pretty varied but they’re completely worth it. Oh and if you need some wellies to visit in, you know where to find some 👀.

8. Play Centre

Play centres are the ideal for half term activities, especially if your kid has some energy to burn. It gives them the opportunity to interact with other children, make friends and overall, just have a lot of fun. They are usually pretty cheap to go to and there’s almost always a cafe where you can grab a drink and a bite to eat while you let them explore. Some play centres might even have some events during half term so make sure to check out their timetables to see! And if you’re planning a children’s birthday party, they’re a popular choice for a reason. The kids love it!

9. Ice Skating

Children helping each other while ice skating on a rink.

10. Amusement Arcade

Although it can sometimes be pricey, going to an arcade is always a good time because they’ve got so many activities for kids! From driving games to grabbers and even penny machines, there’s so much for to be had. And there’s nothing more exciting than collecting together your tickets and retrieving a prize or two. If you’re not looking to spend too much, setting a budget is perfect. You can easily try out a few machines without going crazy. Your kids will love it and they might even leave with a new toy. And there we have it, 10 activities to keep your half term jam packed. If that’s not enough you can check out our post on 6 great ideas for playing outside. And if you’re looking for some outfits to venture out in, we currently have 20% off all items on the Grass and Air website. Have you got any other holiday ideas? Comment them below!

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