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Article: Lidos Your Kids Will Love This Summer

Lidos Your Kids Will Love This Summer

Summer isn’t too far from rolling around and you may find yourself looking for new activities to keep your children occupied. What better time to try something new? If you’re looking to embrace the outdoors, and the (hopefully) British sunshine, we might have just the idea for you. Lidos! You might be wondering, what is a lido? Lidos are outdoor swimming pools and you can find them all around the UK. Many of them are kid friendly and from slides to splash pools and fun activities, it’s the perfect place to go if you want your children to have lots of fun. Here are a few we recommend you take a trip to:

Tooting Bec Lido

Did you know this Lido is the biggest in the UK? The Tooting Bec Lido has been great for swimmers wanting to get fit but it’s also a great pool for families to try out too! The water is known for being a little nippy which is great for those looking to do some cold-water swimming but thankfully once you’re in you won’t feel the cold. The lido also has a paddling pool for younger ones who can’t swim so they can still get involved and have lots of fun too. And don’t forget the cafe and picnic area, perfect for an after-swim snack. The Tooting Bec Lido is open every day from 7am - 2pm. Adults cost just £8.50 and it’s £5.20 for children and seniors. But always make sure to book so your spot is secure!

Guildford Lido

Guildford lido is the perfect kids swimming pool, with a good few slides and a splash zone alongside their huge outdoor swimming pool. It’s great fun for kids all ages, and even for the adults that want to take a dip. They also host lots of events like barbecues and outdoor concerts to give you that extra bit of entertainment. The pool is open all week from 10:30 till 6:30 for general swimmers and tickets cost just £7.90 for adults and £6.30 during the holidays and peak times. Oh, and for just £2 extra you can try out their crazy golf! Not bad at all. Two children playing in swimming pool.

Aldershot Lido

And Guildford isn’t the only Lido without outdoor slides, if you’re wanting something bigger, Aldershot Lido is the kids swimming pool with slides that will wow. The huge pool (75m to be exact) is surrounded by plenty of grass perfect for picnics and if you’re feeling brave, the pool has diving boards too. You don’t have to go abroad for the thrill of a waterpark, here your children are guaranteed to enjoy themselves with so much to do. Tickets are £7.30 for an adult all-day ticket and £4.40 for juniors. You can also buy family tickets that vary with your family size. The lido is open 6am - 9pm Monday to Friday and 7am - 5pm on the weekends.

London Fields Lido

The London fields Lido is an Olympic size outdoor swimming pool fit for all the family. And they even offer swimming lessons for adults and children! Offering a cafe, and gender-neutral changing rooms, the lido is perfect for all. And rumour has it, you can even sit on their open terrace during the summer months to catch a bit of sun. The lido is open almost no matter the weather, from 6:30 till 9pm Monday to Sunday. Tickets cost around £5 for adults, £3 for juniors and free for those under 3. You can also keep an eye out for their special sessions such as, this girl can/women only or even their session for teens ages 11-15. Check out their timetable because they will undoubtedly be something for you!

Swimmers lane swimming in the London Fields Lido.

Tiniside Lido

While your regular local Lido is always worth a visit, the Tinside Lido in Plymouth is not to be missed. Mainly because it’s a site worth seeing. And interestingly it was rated one of the top 10 best pools in Europe so if that doesn’t tempt you, we don’t know what will! The pool is a 1935 Art Deco lido that looks over the sea at the top of Plymouth Hoe and has a centre fountain that your kids will love. The pool is open 10-5 pm and occasionally till 7:30pm on certain days. It’s also worth noting that the lido is seasonal and not open all year round. Ticket costs just £5.20 for public swim. Tiniside Lido full of swimmers.

Pontypridd Lido

Pontypridd’s Lido is the perfect lido for children of all ages with a pool, activity pool and even a splash pool for your small ones. It’s a great outdoor swimming pool to visit and super cheap at just £2.00 for adults and free for under 16’s. You can even try out their inflatable obstacle course or their aqua peddlerz. And that’s just 2.50 per visitor! If it’s local to you or even if you’re slightly further away, it’s worth visiting for a fun day out that won’t break the bank. The lido is open from 7:30am to 7:15pm all week, so you’ve got plenty of time to make a splash.

Brockwell Lido

Brockwell’s Lido includes a huge 50m outdoor swimming pool, meaning there will be lots of space for you and your children to splash in the busy holiday season. They even have a cafe so you can grab a bite to eat after a long swimming session. And if you’re looking for somewhere to spend your own time, they’ve got a gym and plenty of classes like yoga for you to sign up to. The lido is open from 6:30 on weekdays till 9pm except from Friday when they close at 7. And if you’re looking for a weekend visit, it’s 7:30 till 6:30pm. Tickets cost just £8 for adults and £5 for children 5+, free for your little ones under 5.

Ruislip Lido

Located in Hillingdon, Ruislip Lido is full of things to do with your littles ones. From woodland walks to play areas and Britain’s longest miniature railway (check it out for yourself), you don’t have to worry about your children being bored. Although you can’t go in the water at Ruislip, you can make a splash in the splash pad that’s located on the beach. It’s like a trip to the beach with way with more things to do. If you’re wanting to visit in summer, then the lido is open from 8am - 9pm and it costs just £5 on the car park. Cheap as chips! An image Ruislip Lido and beach.

Saltdean Lido

Saltdean Lido is a beautiful lido located in Brighton. It’s a great place for an outdoor swim with your kids and they often have events running so make sure to check those out. From ball pools, crash mats and obstacle courses, it’s endless entertainment. They even host dog swims for anyone 16 and over where you can dive in with your dog (we’re not kidding). If you aren’t planning on diving in with your pup, you can swim for just £6 as an adult and £4 for ages 3-15. And of course, under 3’s go free! The Lido has just recently opened, right on time for your summer activities. Dog swimming in swimming pool.

Hathersage Lido

Hathersage outdoor swimming pool is a great lido to visit especially if it’s local to you. They have lots of lane swimming opportunities and even occasionally inflatables for your kids to conquer. And the pool is heated, meaning no matter the weather you can still have a good time! Located in the Peak District, this 30-meter swimming pool is popular and spacious. To visit tickets cost £7 for adults and £4 for juniors. And you can even choose whether you want to swim in the fast lane, slow or medium. The pool is open 7am - 9pm on weekdays and closes at 6pm on the weekends. Get splashing!

Jubilee Pool

This might just be one of the coolest Lido’s out there. Cornwall’s Jubilee Pool is another stunning lido with Art Deco architecture from 1935. It’s located right on the beach and there’s even a pool that is geothermally heated to keep you toasty. The pool is open from 9:30 am to 5:30 am throughout the week. Tickets are around a £11 for adults and £8 for children. Tickets to the geothermal pool are slightly more expensive but they also offer a combo ticket with access to both. It’s definitely a lido you want to experience! An image of the iconic Jubilee Lido In Cornwall.

Ingleton Outdoor Swimming Pool

Ingleton outdoor swimming pool is a great lido to visit and it opens just in time on the 28th may for this years summer season. The pool is heated (always a plus) and they are currently aiming to raise money for a splash zone so keep your eye out for that! They also offer private bookings great for any birthday parties you may have coming up. And thankfully, you can buy any refreshments from the cafe to get you hydrated. They also offer swimming costumes to hire if you forget your own, not bad! The pools opening times vary but is usually open from 8am to 8pm, and offer different sessions so make sure to check their timetable for more details. Prices are £7 for adults, £5.50 for under 16’s and £1 for 3’s and under.

Ilkely pool and lido

Ilkely pool and lido isn’t only a beautiful outdoor swimming pool, it’s also pretty huge! The circular lido, which is 25m x 11m, has lanes and a central fountain to splash in offering lots of fun for all the family. There is also an indoor pool and tennis if you are looking for something else. It’s a great pool to visit if local to you and it’s not too pricey either. Adults cost just £4.80, and juniors cost £2.50. Opening times vary but swim for all is open from 2:30 - 6pm on weekdays and 10 - 2 on weekends. And if you’re looking to kit your littles ones out for their swimming activities, our new swim range has everything they’d need. You can check the range out now on our website! Do you have any Lido’s you recommend? Or even something great activities for summer? Comment below and let us know! And if you’re looking for anymore inspiration, you can check out our post on the best family picnic ideas and essentials.

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