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Article: The Swimwear Your Kids Need For All Your Summer Swimming

The Swimwear Your Kids Need For All Your Summer Swimming

The sun is out, your mood is tip top and all you want to be, is outside having fun with your little ones. But maybe you haven’t picked up their swimwear yet, or you’re just on the hunt for more? We have just dropped our new sun and swim collection and not only is it beautiful, but it’s also made sustainably! Many of our pieces even include UPF 50 to keep your sunburn worries away. Whether it’s babies swimwear you’re looking for or some for your older children, our newest range has it. The question is, which items do you pack for each day out? We are here to break down exactly what summer essentials you’ll need for some fun in the sun.

Best Kids Swimwear For A Beach Trip

A family beach trip must be on the cards for your kids this summer, it’s one of the best activities to do! When the sun is out though, you want to keep your child protected and that’s where our rash vests come in. They have UPF 50 in the fabric to stop your child from burning and they come in 3 colours! Ochre, pistachio and rose. You can pair them with our matching shorts for the coolest outfit. We also have our sun print poncho that is super cute for beach days. But if you flip it open, there’s a game inside! It’s great for beach entertainment.

child posing in glasses and sun print swimsuit while sat on a sun print poncho. 

However, not all beach trips are about getting your feet wet. If that’s something you want to avoid, then what’s better than a pair of wellies? They aren’t only for muddy adventures, wellies are perfect for beach adventures, especially if the weather hasn’t been as planned. And if your little ones are feeling a little chilly, our waffles range are warm and soft making them the perfect extra layers for those cooler days

What Swimwear Do Kids Need at A Water Park?

There is truly no day out like one at a water park. From slides to outdoor swimming pools and splash parks for your little ones, it’s a day out they won’t forget! And with a great day out, is the need for a great outfit. Water parks are the perfect place to wear our long sleeve swimsuits because not only do they look good (if we do say so ourselves) they will also keep your children’s arms protected. Whether that be from sunburn (with the UPF 50 in our fabric) or even friction burns from any slides (it happens sometimes). They can go about their day having the best fun with a lot less to worry about! Our shorts are also great to pair with them, whether that be our ribbed ones or our ones made from eco-fabric! And if you’re looking for something for your little ones, the poncho is a great addition to add.

Two children wearing swimwear in an empty swimming pool.

Essential Swimwear For Kids Swimming Lessons

Whether it be for the summer or back to school, swimming lessons for kids are an absolute must. It’s a skill that could really change your child’s life, and it’s even more important to start them young. The quicker they learn the better! And it’s safe to say good swimwear is essential. From long sleeves to short sleeves our new sun and swim range has it all. But we also have a regular and yet equally beautiful, ribbed swimsuit for those casual swim activities. Coming in all colours, it’s great for your children, young and old and of course, we have all the shorts to match. At a time when they’re learning something important, comfort is key. For your baby swimming lessons, we do have our shortie swimsuit, ideal for comfort and great for all the moving about they might do.

Best Kids Swimwear For All Back Garden Activities

The suns out, and so is your garden swimming pool (we hope), so it’s time for some fun. Sometimes you don’t have to go anywhere fancy to have a good time, a hose pipe and something to play with will keep your children just as occupied. And garden activities are much cheaper too! If your kids want to play outside, our swimsuits are great for keeping up that sun protection and our shorts are completely fine to get wet while they’re splashing about. It’s nice to have a great time and look good while you’re doing it!

  group photo of kids in swimwear with pool accessories.

Wild Swimming Essentials For Kids

Wild swimming is one of those activities that is great to experience. It’s really like nothing else, not only do you get to swim but you can also do it with incredible views and a feeling of being connected to nature. However, wild swimming isn’t without its dangers. If this is an activity you want to try, it’s worth staying to the shallow side and checking the area yourself first before entering open water with your children. Look for small pools, lakeside paddling spots and if you have strong swimmers, why not try an organised open swim in your area? For more info on staying safe while wild swimming, check out’s post on health and safety! So which swimwear is going to best suit the chilly thrill of a river or lake? We recommend long-sleeved swimsuits and rash vests with shorts as the best options for keeping your children covered. In many cases you might also consider pairing swimwear with a wetsuit to help regulate body temperature. If sun protection is also a problem, our rash vests will keep the sun off their skin. And considering many of our pieces from this range are made from recycled materials, it’s the best way to feel at one with nature. If paddling in the wild is more your children's thing, our wellies are an absolute must! They come in a whole range of colours but especially pistachio, ochre and rose which match our new range.

 Wellies in colours pistachio, ochre and rose, worn by children at a swimming pool. And that’s your kids all kitted out. Make sure to check out all of our new sun and swim range on our website. The sun print is just too cute!! (not biased at all). And if you do decide to pick anything up, make sure to tag us in your Instagram photos at @grassandair. We love seeing you in our pieces and if you’re lucky, we may even repost them. Enjoy!

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