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Article: 22 Things To Do In Summer 2022

22 Things To Do In Summer 2022


The summer holidays have arrived, and the kids are officially off school, now it’s time to relax in the sun for weeks on end. Okay maybe not relax, but summer is all about having fun and if you’re looking for something to get up to, then you’ve come to the right place. From some classic days out to ones you might never have tried before, we are giving you some inspiration on what to get up to this summer.

Visit the zoo

If you’re looking for somewhere to start your summer bucket list, then the zoo is an absolute essential. There’s nothing like spending the day outdoors visiting some well-known and some less well-known animals. And if your little ones really want to try something new this summer, you could even book a zoo experience. Lots of zoos offer experiences for families such as feeding the giraffes or meeting the penguins. These experiences can be on the pricey side, so make sure to check online for deals and offers, it will definitely be an experience your kids won’t forget.

Find some outdoor swimming pool & water parks

When the days are warm like they have been recently, the one thing you might be looking for is somewhere to cool off. Believe it or not, despite not always having the most ideal weather, we have a lot of outdoor swimming pools and water parks in the UK! And lucky for you, we’ve even written a post on some of the best Lido’s throughout the UK so you can find one near you. From water slides to splash parks and everything in between, they couldn’t be more ideal for the summer season. Check it out here and take a dip this summer! As for what to wear, our new Sun + Swim swimwear range might be just what you need.

Take a trip to a theme park

theme park as a summer activity for kids 

If a waterpark doesn’t tickle your fancy, then a theme park might! This is a perfect idea for kids of all ages because no matter where you go, there are rides for everyone. It’s a day especially great for any thrill seekers. The parks often have lots of food and restaurant options, but if there is a lot of you a picnic can be budget friendly alternative. And when you feel you need a rest from the rides many parks have extra entertainment such as live shows throughout the day. If you have littler ones then it might be worth checking out in advance if they have suitable areas for their age range, like CBeebies world at Alton towers. And if you want to experience it all, you could even stay a few nights at the park. Have you seen how cool those hotels are?

Check out Cadbury’s World

Does your children like chocolate? Okay, stupid question. But if your answer is yes anyway, then a visit to Cadburys World would be an absolute treat. Of course, you get to see how the chocolate is made but it’s much more than that. You can try their 4D experience, jump aboard their own cadabra ride, make your own chocolate and more. It’s definitely a day out in itself and something a bit different to try.

Try some arts and crafts

When you’re looking for things to do in the holidays, sometimes staying at home is the easiest option. And a day at home doesn’t necessarily have to be boring! Why not try some arts and crafts? Pinterest is one of the best places to let your creativity flow. There are thousands of ideas that are all child friendly and will get your kids imagination going. Just search “arts and crafts ideas” to see all the magic you could create.

Create a Scavenger Hunt

Summer activity scavenger hunt to get kids outdoors. 

Speaking of ideas you could do at home, have you ever tried a scavenger hunt? Not only are they great fun, but it’s also a fantastic way to get your children outside and occupied. If you’re wondering where to start, we’ve already done the work for you! Check out our post where we spoke to scavenger hunt expert Chantel Rolph from The Conker Crew. It has everything you need to know to set up your own hunt.

Try a staycation

There’s no better time to go away than when your kids are on holiday. If there’s somewhere you’ve always wanted to take the kids, now’s the time. And it’s completely up to you how you take your staycation. You can try being tourists around a popular city or even just relax in a beautiful new place. Either way your kids would leave with incredible memories of your adventure. In fact, a stay cation could be a great sleepover idea if you have family friends that you’d like to invite along. It can be a great way to get people together and for your kids to interact with faces they might not have seen for a while. If you don’t have any staycation ideas, our post might help you find some. Check it out here.

Have a picnic

Sometimes you want to be out in the sun without breaking the bank, and having a picnic is one way to do just that. On a warm summers’ day, there’s nothing better than sitting on the grass and eating with some family and friends. It’s a great opportunity for your little ones to burn some energy and explore local green areas while you get to enjoy the weather. You can even play some games! Whether that’s board games or a fun kick around with a football, is up to you. It’s a simple and yet awesome idea to make the most of your time outside.

Go on a walk

wellies in rainy weather during a walk in summer 

And on the theme of outside, if you’ve got a spare hour or two, why not go on a family walk? Your children will love walking (or most likely running) around outdoors and you get to stroll peacefully as you go. Maybe you know some great spots or sights to make the walk more interesting? We even have the perfect footwear for them, our wellies! They come in so many colours and are made for comfort no matter the weather you are braving. Check them out here. And if all that hasn’t convinced you, you should check out our post on ‘7 benefits of walking with your kids’. It’s easy, fun and healthy too!

Have fun at the beach

Two kids having fun on the beach as a summer activity wearing Grass & Air. 

You can’t have summer without a visit to the beach, we don’t make the rules. And it’s safe to say your children will be perfectly happy among the sand and the sea. From paddling to building sandcastles and burying each other, it’s an absolute must. If they do get bored though, we have just the thing. Our poncho towel, part of our new Sun+Swim range, has a hidden game inside (exciting we know)! It's great for playing on the beach as it's waterproof and it also keeps your children dry after a swim. If you've got a beach trip planned, check out our new summer range, it's the perfect fit! And to finish off the day, you can visit some cute touristy shops for some nostalgic memorabilia.

Try pottery painting

a kid pottery painting in summer. 

If your children are the creative type, then pottery painting is an activity they are sure to enjoy. Not only will they be entertained for an hour or so, but you’ll also get to take home whatever they create and keep it for the memories. There are pottery painting shops all over the UK these days so check out which one is closest to you. It’s a much more unique way for your child to use their imagination.

Board games cafe

Who doesn’t love a good board game? Games are a great way to bring the family together, but you don’t have to go out and buy loads to keep the kids busy. Nowadays there are board games cafes dotted around and they’re so much fun! You can sit and enjoy a coffee while you play, and these cafes usually have so many games to choose from. Family games are great for bonding so take a trip to your nearest cafe and get competitive!

Visit an exhibition

There are lots of exhibitions around the country that are perfect if you’re running out of summer activity ideas. Many exhibitions are free or reasonably priced, especially if they’re for your little ones. There are also many interactive exhibitions during the holidays, and these are great if you feel your children might quickly get bored of looking around. From museums to art galleries, there will certainly be something nearby.

Visit a storyteller

kids at a storytelling activity during summer in a library. 

Another affordable activity is to take your children to a storytelling session. There are always storytelling sessions going on within towns, usually at your local library and sometimes they’re free! If you have some book lovers in the family, no matter how small, this is an activity they would love. It’s perfect for taking up an hour or so of your time and they are often close by. Take a look around your community to find details of those near you.

Check out a circus

Something a little more unusual to try is a visit to the circus! As you know, travelling circus’ can be hard to find but that isn’t the only place you can go. There are also circus acts like those at Blackpool tower which are there all year round for your children to enjoy. Either way, it’s a much more unique activity that will leave your children in awe. Who doesn’t want to watch acrobats swinging through the air?

Climb among the trees

kids climbing through trees at a summer activity centre. 

We all know kids have a lot of steam to burn off and sometimes that means a lot more exhausting work for you. But there are a lot of cool places for your kids to get active, like an adventure activity park for example. Go Ape and Tree Top Adventure are just two of the many dotted throughout the UK and they’re super popular. Your children can climb and zipwire through the trees. If they’re not scared of heights and like a little adrenaline, then this is a great option. And believe it or not, it isn’t only for your older children! Often these parks have smaller activities for your little ones to try too.

Give skiing a try

child learning how to ski as a summer activity 

It might be summer but that doesn’t mean you can’t venture into the cold. What about some winter sports like indoor skiing? It’s the perfect time to try something new and you might find an activity that your kids grow to love! Some places like these even do summer clubs for kids so it’s a good option if you need somewhere to go. And of course, it’s a good activity for all the family so if you’re feeling brave, you can get involved too. Check online for ‘Summer Club’ offers in your local area.

Take a trip to the cinema

There’s nothing like a good film to keep the children occupied so maybe it’s time for a classic trip to the cinema. After all, comfy seats and good snacks sounds like a dream. Check out the newest releases (we know you parents love the kids films just as much as they do) and pop down to your nearest venue. No planning necessary.

Watch a show

While the cinema is one way to keep your kids’ eyes glued on something, the theatre is even more fun. Sometimes this can take a bit of planning but if you check out smaller theatres or even keep your eye on on-the-day tickets you might find a bargain. The shows can even be related to your kids interests like Paw Patrol, for example. There are so many amazing shows out there, so definitely search around!

Visit an ice cream parlour

kids holding different coloured ice cream during summer from an ice cream palour. 

Not everything has to be a huge day out, sometimes you just need to fill up a spare hour or two. Especially in the hot weather, getting some ice cream is a great activity. It’s not usually too expensive and nothing keeps your children occupied like good food. You can try lots of new flavours and maybe even take some home with you at the end of the day. And you'd look even better doing it in our super cute ice cream wellies, what could be better than matching with your food? Such fun!

Try archery

Yep, archery but it’s not as scary as it sounds, we promise! A lot of places do archery for kids, and it seems to be an activity they really enjoy. Especially as it’s one they won’t get to do too often. There are often indoor and outdoor activities throughout the country so make sure to look around. It could be a fab choice when the sun isn’t making an appearance. And you can easily join in, it’s a new experience for all!

Visit a farm

Little girl visiting a farm during summer. 

Much like zoo’s, farms are a summer holiday must. Thankfully, most farms aren’t too expensive to visit, especially if it is a local farm. When you go, your children might get to hold or even feed the animals at the farm! And (music to your ears, we’re sure) there’s almost always a play park for them to enjoy throughout the day. The farm is great for being an educational trip while also being a lot of fun. So, there we have it, a whole bunch of ideas. Have you got any more you recommend? Comment below and let us know! And if you need kitting out for your summer activities, we have all the swimwear you need. We even have the perfect rainwear and wellies just incase the weather takes a turn for the worst (hopefully not). Either way, if you’re rocking Grass & Air, make sure to tag us on Instagram @GrassandAir and with the hashtag #GAinthewild. Enjoy your summer!

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